Who Are We?

We are a non-profit with the fundamental object of altruistic way of the design, formulation, implementation and evaluation of projects: educational, sporting, artistic and cultural, related to the promotion of coexistence, human rights, assertive communication, the promotion of integral development of communities, non-violence, and physical and mental health.
To promote the development of life skills, entrepreneurship, arts, culture, and the daily exercise of the philosophy of non-violence, and the promotion of good practices in human based on the “seven complex lessons in education for the future” in our relationships with others and ourselves. The prevention of the consumption of psychoactive and their associated behaviors. The teaching and practice of facts peaceful that enable positive changes for individuals and their communities.
The Foundation Raulito Law “Dreams Urban” will be a reference to the local, regional, national and international, as agent of positive transformation and growth humanistic individual and community level, always looking for the orderly flow of people and their communities.

Institutional Principles


We are committed to the most vulnerable Communities in Medellín (Colombia), designing and executing projects.


We are committed to the development and well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of the Communities with which we work, in the same way with your work team, their families, contributing to each member social justice.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We implement Projects that give them the solution to Social Problems in an estimated time and with the greatest effectiveness of the resources.

Excellence in Service

The Team maintains an outstanding service attitude in front of the Community, looking for effective solutions to their needs and building the social fabric.

Integrity of Values

We act in accordance with the integration of ethical values promoted by their team, to generate a positive impact in the social context.

Corporate Values

They are the base of our Organization, which are framed within a Social Ethic, which facilitates the attainment of the objectives.


It is the fundamental base for the healthy co-existence, acceptance of the ideas, beliefs or practices of others when they are different to their own and the love of the neighbour principle that constitutes the pillar to help others in which it focuses our social work.

Team work

What we define as the mutual collaboration of the people that make up our company, in order to reach the achievement of a certain result, by keeping a close relationship with the willingness to live together in society.


To carry out the activities with seriousness, prudence and diplomacy, assuming the goals, own of the Foundation.


It is to live the pleasant feeling of produce and deliver the best of themselves, in every one of the activities that we offer. Is back this emotion to pass it on to the people that live in our projects.


Provision a firm and permanent conviction for the achievement of the objectives of the Foundation.

Our Team Cretivo and


Raul Mosquera

Leader of Non-Violence, Musician and Composer

Carlos Andres Castaño

Bachelor of Music, Pianist, Producer, Director, Arranger

Daniel Arturo Castaño

Director of Photography, Cameraman

Hader Suarez

Theatre Director, Actor, Teacher of Body Expression

El Negro Mazo

Cultural manager and Tallerista Hip Hop

Fabian Andrés Arboleda

Singer, songwriter, Speaker, and Therapist.

Your contribution will help us fund the programs and initiatives of our Foundation.

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