What Do We Do?


Since the creation of the Foundation Raulito Law "Dreams Urban" it was clear to his approach: to help the growth and artistic development of the young and vulnerable. "With a team of educators, professional musicians, universities, we are committed to make the music an instrument of peace, to be with young people living in the conflict in the neighborhoods." We have strategic partners and a team of professional artists of wings performing arts, cultural managers, social leaders. We work for the prevention of the conflict and give the opportunity to artists to record their own songs, thanks to the alliance that we have.

Sustainable Development goals

End of Poverty

We work every day focused on improving the living conditions of the human beings involved directly and indirectly in the projects we run, with the clarity that only through processes of long-term, we can transform lives and territories, we offer all our own tools and allies to accomplish these objectives.  

Health and Wellness

To mitigate the consumption of psychoactive substances, working in harm reduction, prevention of the recruitment of adolescents and young people to groups outside the law and violence. Betting significant in the rehabilitation transcendental and live in peace in order to generate changes of healthy living that impact the human being in the deep end.

Some of the activities

Managing Emotions

In the human sciences we find the essence for the construction of social fabric and the mental strengthening of the vulnerable communities that are managed directly or indirectly by the professionals and allies in every project executed.

Poetic writing

A letter of love to share in silence, to live in the memory; they are the stories of lives shaped by the citizens, the homeless and vulnerable young people at the time of lay hand on the paper and the pen to write their own poems or rhymes.

Music production

The simplicity to the heavenly. We are always adding talent in each one of the musical productions, here the art of combining all sorts of sounds is (LOVE)

Our goal is to inspire human beings to dream more, to transform their lives, to love yourself and become beings of light.  


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